• “It is very important that you are creative, everything I imagined from clay, I also shaped. We were selling dishes on the fairs. In those times we had only pottery dishes. There was a big demand and I always sold everything.”

    The Portrait Of A Little Man From Prekmurje

      The purpose of the project was to collect cycle of photos and stories documented in the ethnological record. The material collected in the research process presents vanishing cottage industries, which have significantly contributed to the development of the home environment. With the disappearance of this knowledge also the national identity of the region is […]

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    B&W Portraits

      A portrait is a depiction of a certain real person, presenting him as an individual personality, with all personal traits which are perceived and transmitted to depiction by a photographer. The portrait also presents human’s nature, that is his internal image. It does not only capture his figure, but also his mood and habits, […]