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Types of photography styles
“It is very important that you are creative, everything I imagined from clay, I also shaped. We were selling dishes on the fairs. In those times we had only pottery dishes. There was a big demand and I always sold everything.”



A portrait is a depiction of a certain real person, presenting him as an individual personality, with all personal traits which are perceived and transmitted to depiction by a photographer. The portrait also presents human’s nature, that is his internal image. It does not only capture his figure, but also his mood and habits, the character of a man.




A photograph has the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, the atmosphere of the places, ideas and message – all of which are important elements of story telling. Stories are a fundamental human tool that we use to communicate thought.

My main focus is on people and their stories. I am  particularly drawn to stories of people working in  challenging environments and those who live in close bond with nature.

Loch Etive



Diverse nature brings something new into every part of the day, making the nature photography so special. A well done photograph takes its observer into the world which photographer had momentary witnessed and preserved eternally.

Landscape photography is the most generous genre of nature photography, as it presents inspiring images of nature with vibrant colours and artistic formation.

Njorka, Lunga



Photographing animals is a major challenge that requires patience, persistence and understanding of animal behaviour, in order to foresee the right moment for a good photo. They are the most interesting, when wild and unpredictable, allowing us to capture their nature and character.

V notranjosti Islandije



Travel photography is about capturing of an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs and history, while travelling around.

Travel photography is a tool for creating awareness and understanding across cultures, communities, and countries; a tool that brings their stories to life.

For me, travel photography is my passport to meet people, learn, and experience new cultures.